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Shared MLs Reference Material - Math

ctrlPr (Control Properties)

This element specifies properties on control characters; that is, object characters that cannot be selected. Examples of control characters are n-ary operators (excluding their limits and bases), fraction bars (excluding the numerator and denominator), and grouping characters (excluding the base). ctrlPr allows formatting properties to be stored on these control characters. The control character inherits its formatting from the paragraph formatting; ctrlPr contains the formatting differences between the control character and the paragraph formatting.

[Example: The example below shows that the control character is of font Cambria Math. All other formatting, such as text size and color, are the same as the paragraph.

<w:rFonts w:ascii="Cambria
Math" w:hAnsi="Cambria Math"/>

end example]

CtrlPr is also used to save properties on characters used in the Linear representation of an equation, that are not displayed in the Professional form. For example, the linear string ∫_0^1 might have color on the _ or ^. Though these characters are not displayed in Professional form, their formatting is stored.

Parent Elements

accPr7.1.2.2); barPr7.1.2.8); borderBoxPr7.1.2.12); boxPr7.1.2.14); deg7.1.2.26); den7.1.2.28); dPr7.1.2.31); e7.1.2.32); eqArrPr7.1.2.35); fName7.1.2.37); fPr7.1.2.38); funcPr7.1.2.40); groupChrPr7.1.2.42); lim7.1.2.52); limLowPr7.1.2.55); limUppPr7.1.2.57); mPr7.1.2.68); naryPr7.1.2.72); num7.1.2.75); phantPr7.1.2.82); radPr7.1.2.89); sPrePr7.1.2.100); sSubPr7.1.2.102); sSubSupPr7.1.2.104); sSupPr7.1.2.106); sub7.1.2.112); sup7.1.2.114)


Child Elements


del (Deleted Math Control Character)


ins (Inserted Math Control Character)


rPr (Run Properties)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_CtrlPr">


   <group ref="w:EG_RPrMath" minOccurs="0"/>