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Shared MLs Reference Material - Math

fPr (Fraction Properties)

This element specifies the properties of the fraction function f. Properties of the Fraction function include the type or style of the fraction. The fraction bar can be horizontal or diagonal, depending on the fraction properties. The fraction object is also used to represent the stack function, which places one element above another, with no fraction bar. [Example: Examples of fractions are:

Stacked Fraction:

Skewed Fraction:

Linear Fraction:

Stack Object (No-Bar Fraction):

end example]

Parent Elements



Child Elements


ctrlPr (Control Properties)


type (Fraction type)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_FPr">


   <element name="type" type="CT_FType" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="ctrlPr" type="CT_CtrlPr" minOccurs="0"/>