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naryPr (n-ary Properties)

This element specifies the properties of the n-ary object, including the type of n-ary operator that is used, the shape and height of the operator, the location of limits, and whether limits are shown or hidden.

Parent Elements



Child Elements


chr (Accent Character)


ctrlPr (Control Properties)


grow (n-ary Grow)


limLoc (n-ary Limit Location)


subHide (Hide Subscript (n-ary))


supHide (Hide Superscript (n-ary))


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_NaryPr">


   <element name="chr" type="CT_Char" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="limLoc" type="CT_LimLoc" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="grow" type="CT_OnOff" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="subHide" type="CT_OnOff" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="supHide" type="CT_OnOff" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="ctrlPr" type="CT_CtrlPr" minOccurs="0"/>