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Shared MLs Reference Material - Math

boxPr (Box Properties)

This element specifies properties of the Box function, for example, whether the Box serves as operator emulator with or without an alignment point, serves as a line break point, or receives the correct spacing for the mathematical differential.

Parent Elements



Child Elements


aln (Alignment)


brk (Break)


ctrlPr (Control Properties)


diff (Differential)


noBreak (No Break)


opEmu (Operator Emulator)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_BoxPr">


   <element name="opEmu" type="CT_OnOff" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="noBreak" type="CT_OnOff" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="diff" type="CT_OnOff" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="brk" type="CT_ManualBreak" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="aln" type="CT_OnOff" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="ctrlPr" type="CT_CtrlPr" minOccurs="0"/>