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brk (Break)

This element specifies whether there is a line break at the start of a run, or at the start of the Box function, such that the line wraps at the start of the run or function. If this element is omitted, a manual break is not inserted. The line may happen to wrap at this point if the equation exceeds the column width. [Example:The following example includes a manual line break at the operator emulator:



<m:opEmu   m:val="on"/>



end example]

Parent Elements

boxPr7.1.2.14); rPr7.1.2.91)




alnAt (Index of Operator to Align To)

Specifies the index of the operator on the previous line which shall be used as the alignment point for the current line. A line can be aligned to any operator on the previous line in the equation; this attribute specifies exactly which operator shall be the target of that alignment in cases where there are multiple operators.


[Example: For example, consider the break in this equation:


The second line could theoretically be aligned to any of the four operators in the previous line.


Specifying an alnAt value of 3 for the second line resolves this ambiguity; the second line is aligned to the third operator in the previous line. end example]


The possible values for this attribute are defined by the ST_Integer255 simple type7.1.3.6).

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_ManualBreak">

   <attribute name="alnAt" type="ST_Integer255"/>