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tnLst (Time Node List)

This element specifies a list of time node elements used in an animation sequence.

[Example: Consider a simple animation sequence. The <tnLst> element should be used as follows:






End Example]

Parent Elements

timing4.4.1.44); tmpl4.6.84)


Child Elements


anim (Animate)


animClr (Animate Color Behavior)


animEffect (Animate Effect)


animMotion (Animate Motion)


animRot (Animate Rotation)


animScale (Animate Scale)


audio (Audio)


cmd (Command)


excl (Exclusive)


par (Parallel Time Node)


seq (Sequence Time Node)


set (Set Time Node Behavior)


video (Video)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_TimeNodeList">

   <choice minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded">

   <element name="par" type="CT_TLTimeNodeParallel"/>

   <element name="seq" type="CT_TLTimeNodeSequence"/>

   <element name="excl" type="CT_TLTimeNodeExclusive"/>

   <element name="anim" type="CT_TLAnimateBehavior"/>

   <element name="animClr" type="CT_TLAnimateColorBehavior"/>

   <element name="animEffect" type="CT_TLAnimateEffectBehavior"/>

   <element name="animMotion" type="CT_TLAnimateMotionBehavior"/>

   <element name="animRot" type="CT_TLAnimateRotationBehavior"/>

   <element name="animScale" type="CT_TLAnimateScaleBehavior"/>

   <element name="cmd" type="CT_TLCommandBehavior"/>

   <element name="set" type="CT_TLSetBehavior"/>

   <element name="audio" type="CT_TLMediaNodeAudio"/>

   <element name="video" type="CT_TLMediaNodeVideo"/>