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ST_BWMode (Black And White Modes)

This simple type specifies the ways in which a shape renders in a black and white context.

This simple type's contents are a restriction of the XML Schema string datatype.

The following are possible enumeration values for this type:

Enumeration Value


auto (Automatic)

Use the bwpure or bwnormal attributes based on the type of output being generated.

black (Black)

Use black only.

blackTextAndLines (Black Text And Lines)

Use shades of gray, except for text and lines, which are black.

color (Color)

Do not use grayscale or black and white.

grayOutline (Gray Outlines)

Use gray and white only.

grayScale (Grayscale)

Use shades of gray only.

hide (Hide Object When Displayed in Black and White)

Do not display the object when rendering in only black and white.

highContrast (Black And White)

Use black and white only, no grays.

inverseGray (Inverse Grayscale)

Use shades of gray only, but invert light and dark grays.

lightGrayscale (Light grayscale)

Use light shades of gray only.

undrawn (Do Not Show)

Do not show the object.

white (White)

Use white only.


Referenced By

arc@bwmode6.1.2.1); arc@bwnormal6.1.2.1); arc@bwpure6.1.2.1); background@bwmode6.1.2.2); background@bwnormal6.1.2.2); background@bwpure6.1.2.2); curve@bwmode6.1.2.3); curve@bwnormal6.1.2.3); curve@bwpure6.1.2.3); image@bwmode6.1.2.10); image@bwnormal6.1.2.10); image@bwpure6.1.2.10); line@bwmode6.1.2.12); line@bwnormal6.1.2.12); line@bwpure6.1.2.12); oval@bwmode6.1.2.13); oval@bwnormal6.1.2.13); oval@bwpure6.1.2.13); polyline@bwmode6.1.2.15); polyline@bwnormal6.1.2.15); polyline@bwpure6.1.2.15); rect@bwmode6.1.2.16); rect@bwnormal6.1.2.16); rect@bwpure6.1.2.16); roundrect@bwmode6.1.2.17); roundrect@bwnormal6.1.2.17); roundrect@bwpure6.1.2.17); shape@bwmode6.1.2.19); shape@bwnormal6.1.2.19); shape@bwpure6.1.2.19); shapetype@bwmode6.1.2.20); shapetype@bwnormal6.1.2.20); shapetype@bwpure6.1.2.20)

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_BWMode">

   <restriction base="xsd:string">

   <enumeration value="color"/>

   <enumeration value="auto"/>

   <enumeration value="grayScale"/>

   <enumeration value="lightGrayscale"/>

   <enumeration value="inverseGray"/>

   <enumeration value="grayOutline"/>

   <enumeration value="highContrast"/>

   <enumeration value="black"/>

   <enumeration value="white"/>

   <enumeration value="hide"/>

   <enumeration value="undrawn"/>

   <enumeration value="blackTextAndLines"/>