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ST_CellType (Cell Type)

Indicates the cell's data type.

This simple type's contents are a restriction of the XML Schema string datatype.

The following are possible enumeration values for this type:

Enumeration Value


b (Boolean)

Cell containing a boolean.

e (Error)

Cell containing an error.

inlineStr (Inline String)

Cell containing an (inline) rich string, i.e., one not in the shared string table. If this cell type is used, then the cell value is in the is element rather than the v element in the cell (c element).

n (Number)

Cell containing a number.

s (Shared String)

Cell containing a shared string.

str (String)

Cell containing a formula string.


Referenced By

c@t3.3.1.3); cell@t3.14.1); nc@t3.11.1.3); oc@t3.11.1.5)

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this simple type:

<simpleType name="ST_CellType">

   <restriction base="xsd:string">

   <enumeration value="b"/>

   <enumeration value="n"/>

   <enumeration value="e"/>

   <enumeration value="s"/>

   <enumeration value="str"/>

   <enumeration value="inlineStr"/>