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eqArr (Equation-Array Function)

This element specifies the Equation-Array function, an object consisting of one or more equations that can be vertically justified as a unit respect to surrounding text on the line. Alignment of multiple points within each equation can occur within the equation array. [Example: An example of an equation array with alignment points is:


Notice that the variables, operators, and tens digits of the sums line up properly.

The XML of a simple eqArr is:



end example]

Parent Elements

deg7.1.2.26); del2.13.5.12); den7.1.2.28); e7.1.2.32); fName7.1.2.37); ins2.13.5.20); lim7.1.2.52); moveFrom2.13.5.21); moveTo2.13.5.26); num7.1.2.75); oMath7.1.2.77); sub7.1.2.112); sup7.1.2.114)


Child Elements


e (Base (Argument))


eqArrPr (Equation Array Properties)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_EqArr">


   <element name="eqArrPr" type="CT_EqArrPr" minOccurs="0"/>

   <element name="e" type="CT_OMathArg" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>