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transition (Slide Transition for a Slide Layout)

This element specifies the type of slide transition that should be used to transition to the current slide from the previous slide. That is, the transition information is stored on the slide that will appear after the transition is complete.

Parent Elements

sld4.4.1.35); sldLayout4.4.1.36); sldMaster4.4.1.39)


Child Elements


blinds (Blinds Slide Transition)


checker (Checker Slide Transition)


circle (Circle Slide Transition)


comb (Comb Slide Transition)


cover (Cover Slide Transition)


cut (Cut Slide Transition)


diamond (Diamond Slide Transition)


dissolve (Dissolve Slide Transition)


extLst (Extension List with Modification Flag)


fade (Fade Slide Transition)


newsflash (Newsflash Slide Transition)


plus (Plus Slide Transition)


pull (Pull Slide Transition)


push (Push Slide Transition)


random (Random Slide Transition)


randomBar (Random Bar Slide Transition)


sndAc (Sound Action)


split (Split Slide Transition)


strips (Strips Slide Transition)


wedge (Wedge Slide Transition)


wheel (Wheel Slide Transition)


wipe (Wipe Slide Transition)


zoom (Zoom Slide Transition)





advClick (Advance on Click)

Specifies whether a mouse click will advance the slide or not. If this attribute is not specified then a value of true is assumed.


The possible values for this attribute are defined by the XML Schema boolean datatype.

advTm (Advance after time)

Specifies the time, in milliseconds, after which the transition should start. This setting may be used in conjunction with the advClick attribute. If this attribute is not specified then it is assumed that no auto-advance will occur.


The possible values for this attribute are defined by the XML Schema unsignedInt datatype.

spd (Transition Speed)

Specifies the transition speed that is to be used when transitioning from the current slide to the next.


The possible values for this attribute are defined by the ST_TransitionSpeed simple type (§4.8.58).

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_SlideTransition">


   <choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">

   <element name="blinds" type="CT_OrientationTransition"/>

   <element name="checker" type="CT_OrientationTransition"/>

   <element name="circle" type="CT_Empty"/>

   <element name="dissolve" type="CT_Empty"/>

   <element name="comb" type="CT_OrientationTransition"/>

   <element name="cover" type="CT_EightDirectionTransition"/>

   <element name="cut" type="CT_OptionalBlackTransition"/>

   <element name="diamond" type="CT_Empty"/>

   <element name="fade" type="CT_OptionalBlackTransition"/>

   <element name="newsflash" type="CT_Empty"/>

   <element name="plus" type="CT_Empty"/>

   <element name="pull" type="CT_EightDirectionTransition"/>

   <element name="push" type="CT_SideDirectionTransition"/>

   <element name="random" type="CT_Empty"/>

   <element name="randomBar" type="CT_OrientationTransition"/>

   <element name="split" type="CT_SplitTransition"/>

   <element name="strips" type="CT_CornerDirectionTransition"/>

   <element name="wedge" type="CT_Empty"/>

   <element name="wheel" type="CT_WheelTransition"/>

   <element name="wipe" type="CT_SideDirectionTransition"/>

   <element name="zoom" type="CT_InOutTransition"/>


   <element name="sndAc" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" type="CT_TransitionSoundAction"/>

   <element name="extLst" type="CT_ExtensionListModify" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>


   <attribute name="spd" type="ST_TransitionSpeed" use="optional" default="fast"/>

   <attribute name="advClick" type="xsd:boolean" use="optional" default="true"/>

   <attribute name="advTm" type="xsd:unsignedInt" use="optional"/>