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docPartPr (Glossary Document Entry Properties)

This element specifies the set of properties which shall be applied to the parent glossary document entry. These properties define its name, categorization, and behaviors.

[Example: Consider the WordprocessingML fragment for a glossary document entry containing a single run, defined as follows:

<w:name w:val="Sample Entry" />



The docPartPr element specifies the set of properties which have been specified for the parent glossary document entry, the only one visible above being the entry's name of Sample Entry. end example]

Parent Elements



Child Elements


behaviors (Entry Insertion Behaviors)


category (Entry Categorization)


description (Description for Entry)


guid (Entry ID)


name (Entry Name)


style (Associated Paragraph Style Name)


types (Entry Types)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_DocPartPr">

   <choice maxOccurs="unbounded">

   <element name="name" type="CT_DocPartName" minOccurs="1"/>

   <element name="style" type="CT_String"/>

   <element name="category" type="CT_DocPartCategory"/>

   <element name="types" type="CT_DocPartTypes"/>

   <element name="behaviors" type="CT_DocPartBehaviors"/>

   <element name="description" type="CT_String"/>

   <element name="guid" type="CT_Guid"/>