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behaviors (Entry Insertion Behaviors)

This element specifies the set of behaviors which shall be applied to the contents of the parent glossary document entry (§2.12.5) when it is added to the main document story of a WordprocessingML document. Since multiple behaviors can be specified for a single part, the sum total of all behaviors shall be used to insert the parent entry into the contents of the WordprocessingML document.

[Example: Consider the WordprocessingML fragment for a glossary document entry containing a single run, defined as follows:

<w:behavior w:val="p" />
<w:behavior w:val="pg" />

<w:t>Sample entry.</w:t>

The behaviors element contains the set of behaviors which shall be applied to this entry when it is inserted into the document, in this case:

The entry shall be inserted into its own paragraph in the document

The entry shall be inserted onto a new page in the document (i.e. it shall be preceded by a page break)

end example]

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behavior (Entry Insertion Behavior)


The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_DocPartBehaviors">


   <element name="behavior" type="CT_DocPartBehavior" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>