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VML Reference Material - VML

VML - PresentationML Drawing

This section describes additional information attached to VML shapes that is specific to usage with PresentationML.

[Note: The VML format is a legacy format originally introduced with Office 2000 and is included and fully defined in this Standard for backwards compatibility reasons. The DrawingML format is a newer and richer format created with the goal of eventually replacing any uses of VML in the Office Open XML formats. VML should be considered a deprecated format included in Office Open XML for legacy reasons only and new applications that need a file format for drawings are strongly encouraged to use preferentially DrawingML .end note]

[Example: Assume the following annotation was drawn on a slide during a presentation and saved into the presentation:

The red circle annotation is stored as a VML shape that is an ink annotation. For brevity, the specific path and ink data are omitted.

<v:shape id="_x0000_s1029" style='position:absolute;left:126pt;

top:327.375pt;width:27.625pt;height:24.75pt' coordorigin="4445,11549"

coordsize="973,874" path="..." filled="f" strokecolor="red"


<v:stroke endcap="round"/>

<v:path shadowok="f" o:extrusionok="f" fillok="f" insetpenok="f"/>

<o:lock v:ext="edit" rotation="t" aspectratio="t" verticies="t" text="t"


<o:ink i="..." annotation="t"/>



end example]